Complete design of Overhead Lines consisting of Route Surveys, Profiling, and installation of Overhead Lines consisting of Pegging, Pole Erection, Stringing and Commissioning.

Laying of LV and MV Cables, termination and Testing of the same.

Installation of Indoor and Outdoor Switchgear in LV, MV and HV Systems. Installation and servicing of Electrical Machinery and Generators.

Design of power flow systems for industrial, commercial and residential setups Structured cabling works.

Power / Sub-station structural and electrical installation works. Commissioning works for Substations.

Industrial installation of equipment and machinery Instrumentation

Pneumatics installation

Servicing of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Machinery

Civil Works: road construction, warehouse, BTS and Substation structural works

Designing, installation, testing and commissioning of the Telecommunications network to facilitate SCADA on utility projects

Radio frequency Optimization works

Transformers assemblies both step-down and step up