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Nandi Multi-Purpose Dam
| CLIENT: Syldon & Partners Limited |

Nandi Multi-Purpose Dam (Design)

Development by Ministry of Regional Development of a multipurpose dam in Nandi Forest that will among other purposes, provide water for a 50MW hydroelectric power station at the foot of Nandi Hills. The power from the station shall be evacuated through a 37Km line to Muhoroni 132Kv sub-station.

Kwale International
| CLIENT: Kwale International |

Kwale International Sugar Company Ltd (KISCOL). (Design)

New sugar factory based in Kwale (former Ramisi Sugar) with designed cane crushing capacity of 3,500 tons per day (TCD) with cogeneration power plant of 18 Megawatt capacity. Scope includes plant buildings: Cane Handling and Preparatory Devices, Cane Handling Area Devices and Over Bridges, Cane Crushing Mills, Mill House, Power House, Bagasse Storage Shed and Yard, Diesel Generator House, Raw Sugar Godown, Refined Sugar Godown, electricity Switchyard and Metering Room etc

| CLIENT: COM 21 |

BTS Works

Design and supply of Antenna Mountings, Computer Maintenance, Supply of MDF jumper cables. BTS Installation & Commissioning for the TELKOM CDMA project

| CLIENT: Nzoia Sugar Factory |

Carrying annual Maintenance on 5MVA Step-Down Transformer

Testing of Transformer insulating oil, Filtering the Oil to remove Moisture, Overhauling the On load Tap Changer and Replacement of Silica Gel in Breathers.

| CLIENT: Outsource Techniques Ltd |

BTS Generator Overhaul works

To carry out overhaul and repair of grounded generators at Safaricom`s Base Transmission Stations in western Kenya

Power ServiceLine
| CLIENT: Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) |

66, 33, 11, 0.415 and 0.24kV Service Lines

Contracted to carry out service line construction on behalf of our client for a period of 5 (five) years in three regions in the country namely: Nairobi South, Western and Coast. The scope includes transport materials from Stores, pole erection and stringing, testing & commission.